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Wealth Elegant International Limited founded in 2013, based in Hong Kong, and, with branch offices in Shenzhen & Shanghai, to support the channel partners & end users, on our professional grade surveillance & electronic security solution, in the Asia Pacific region. 

 Over the past 8 years, Wealth team has proven their ability to adapt emerging innovations in the industry, in several waves of major technological advancement, hand in hand with various principals, and, channel partners. We understand the risk of deploying latest technologies, and, also the need to embrace them to help to improve operation in the forever changing world, with new threats & opportunities emerging every day. We are always here to manage the risk, and, to ensure smooth deployment & operation of systems. 

 Our team is eager to grow together with our channel partners and principals, to deliver world-class service & support, to make sure our end-users can encourage latest innovation in our industry successfully.